MIRAGICA - il parco divertimenti della Puglia

MIRAGICA - Land of Giants

In this amusement park that rises in Molfetta, between Bari and Trani, you will feel a leprechaun, but also a giant.

This magic is possible thanks to an amazing scenery where the perspective plays on huge elements coming out of your normal visual experience and other small ones.

Through the gate, you'll meet your "guide", Samy the giant, mascot of the park.

You'll have fun with 25 attractions, like the modern roller coaster (Breathless) that will throw you at a speed of about 80 km / h in a few seconds. Pure Adrenaline even on the tower of fall (For Bacchus!): you'll fall from a height of 47 meters. Spectacular and fun water attractions: the Flume Ride (Strozzagorgo) with its path on a log shaped-boat and its 14-meters climb and the Rapids (Mangiabiglie), with a dinghy that travels down a waterfall with a very turbulent current.

You will still be shivering on the Disk Coaster (Girabugia), a large rotating platform swinging in all directions, and you'll experience the atmosphere of the Great Theatre and the Stunt Show Arena with many shows of amazing international artists, young apulian artists and incredible professional stuntman.

Other types of emotions are ensured by the 4D Cinema (Magic Box), the terrifying horror house (Virus) and many amazing events.

Miragica has costs and times at the reach of all!

Visit www.miragica.com to discover the events, calendar and news of the season.

Vandelia B&B Molfetta

Corso Umberto I, 98 - 70056 Molfetta (Bari)
Pino +39 340 9782 849 - Rosalba +39 347 223 1855
CIS: BA07202962000019323